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Do you love me?  You make me so angry!

By:  Edwin Schild, B.A., M.Sc. “Do you love me?”  How many times have we heard this question?  As a young child asking his parent, as a teen asking that special friend, as a wife or husband looking for confirmation and validity or as the senior looking for that special moment of support and validation?  Whichever…

Validating Others

Little Yonah was with his mother in the store and was whining to her, “I’m so tired.  I’m hungry”.  What does the mother say?  Option one – we just got here and I told you to finish eating your lunch before leaving.  Now you will have to wait until we get home”.  Option two –…

Why Good Children Sometimes Behave Badly

Most of us really are good parents.  We don’t always know it.  In fact, most of us would do almost anything for our children.  The problem is our world is moving too quickly.  Adults are too busy, which lead our children to wonder about our caring as well as our parenting. Here are some questions…

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