Empowering Youth Employment Readiness Program (EYER)

Proudly funded by the Government of Canada, our youth employment program helps youth overcome barriers to employment and develop practical skills
and knowledge to integrate into the labour market.

EYER is amazing for both youth striving to enter the workforce & employers looking for employees. Participants earn a great employment opportunity & employers receive funding.

How EYER Benefits Employers

Hire with us! Apply here. When hiring an EYER Employee, they will take on their role right away and we will financially support you!
Contact ✉️EYER@regesh.com or 📞(416) 495-8832 EXT. 225

How EYER Benefits Participants

  • 4 weeks of employability training with compensation
    • 15 Hours a week
  • 12 weeks of paid job placement
    • 30+ Hours a week
  • Support while training & on the job
  • Mental Health Counselling at no cost for participants
Join us and get the job you deserve! We’re here to support you through your career journey.
Apply here or contact ✉️EYER@regesh.com
📞(416) 495-8832 EXT. 225

What Alumnus Say

This class has been amazing. I look forward to applying the lessons, knowledge & tools I gained from this program to life outside of it. This program gave me the confidence boost I needed to move forward. I am truly thankful for Mykaela, Lena & Uri for providing a safe & healthy environment to learn.

M. V.

A wonderful program. I found a job immediately after it ended. I would recommend this to everyone. I also met amazing people willing to step into their career. EYER taught me life skills like setting smart goals, customer service, and even financial literacy. Special thanks to Mykaela, Uri & Lena!

M. B.

This class was very useful. It helped me improve my work skills and learn how to handle diverse situations. I am grateful to be a part of this program and for learning and being able to improve as a person through it.

A. P.

What Future Employees Learn

  • Gratitude and Mindfulness
  • CAST Group support & self-esteem
  • Communication
  • CAST Setting and Monitoring Goals
  • Business and Professional etiquette
  • Workplace appearance
  • Customer service
  • Ethics and Workplace dilemmas
  • CAST Decision Making
  • Time Management
  • Career goals & exploration
  • CAST Anger management
  • Financial Literacy
  • Budgeting
  • Resume building
  • Job Search Information
  • Preparing for an interview as a group and with the Instructor

What is CAST?

Cast (Coping and Support Training) is an extensive learning experience that provides a foundation for individuals to learn how to cope with struggles at work and in daily life in a positive and proactive way.

Regesh is the first agency in Canada to utilize this evidence-based CAST program.

The CAST Curriculum Includes

Making Credit Unions Relevant to Young Adults – The Saskatchewan Young  Leaders
  1. Group Support & Self-Esteem
  2. Setting & Monitoring Goals
  3. Building Self-Esteem, Beating the Blues
  4. Decision Making – Taking STEPS
  5. Anger Management
  6. Making Healthy Decisions
  7. Work Smarts
  8. Recognizing Progress & Staying on Track
  9. Celebrating Graduation

Meet our EYER Team

Uri Schild, (CYW)
Employment Director
“I started with Regesh when we were still running group homes, 25 years ago. I’ve been in the field for the past 25 years helping in numerous different ways, wearing many hats and always putting children and families first.”
Mykaela Miersch, (Social Service Worker Graduate)
Employment Teacher
“I feel like I’ve been able to help people change their lives around. I’ve taught them life skills and social skills. I’ve tried to always set up my clients for success and follow up and make sure they’re doing okay. I wanted to be that person to help people get through the tough times they’re experiencing. “
Lena Li, (B.Sci; MACP Cand.)
Employment Teaching Assistant
“I have been fortunate to do my clinical placement here at Regesh, where I have the opportunity to continue to work with young adults, who continue to teach and inspire me every day.”

The Employment Dream Team

Our EYER Teacher & Program Facilitator Mykaela (left), and T.A. Lena (right), have an extensive amount of experience working within the field of mental health, employment and youth initiatives. Mykaela and Lena have proudly facilitated and instructed Regesh’s Employment program, to make sure all alumnus feel ready to enter the workforce.

Alumnus ready to take on their New Jobs!

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