Get off the Street (Summer)

Get off the Street is a fun, stimulating, and safe summer day camp for kids who have nothing to do in the summer.

Get off the Street runs seven weeks during July and August. Up to 30 kids attend per day, ranging in age from 13-19 years. This program is free for youth in neighbourhoods that have been designated as high risk areas.

Our program is based on the principle of intervention for youth by youth; it is a leadership and mentoring program between older and younger youth. Although there is a structured program, the older youth often learn to lead the activities and hold discussion groups on topics important to them. Regesh staff facilitate the structure of the program while teaching youth to be leaders and mentors.

We believe that gang members, drug users and those involved in the Criminal Justice system will not change their habits because someone tells them to. Youth need to find solutions that fit their needs. Each youth in our summer program has a specific desire which needs to be met. Every teen is different. With individual goal plans, each teen is set up to succeed.


A major focus of our summer program is challenging physical education inside recreation facilities and in local parks. We strongly believe that sports and physical activities build character and create a healthy outlet for self-expression.

Cultural Awareness

Research shows that many teens have minimal knowledge and appreciation of the similarities and differences between other cultures.  Our participants become more aware of their cultures and, in turn, develop a keener appreciation of others.

Social Skills

Teens will be introduced to a “social skill of the week”.  Each skill will build on previous weeks’ skills. Emphasis will be given to working with the youth in a group dynamic.  Youth are given the opportunity to speak out and get feedback in a safe group environment.

Fun Places to Go

Teens will visit various stimulating locations in the community.

Volunteer Hours

The older students can earn volunteer hours for high school.

Need employees?
Employers can hire our participants and receive funding for 12 weeks. Sign up here.