JumpAhead After School Program

JumpAhead is Regesh’s newest after school program for children and teens ages 12 – 18. JumpAhead aims to help participants enhance their social and academic skills in a fun, welcoming environment.

At JumpAhead, we help teens face challenges such as the transition from elementary to high school, navigating social situations, and keeping up academically. Our wide range of activities give our participants a chance to bond and get to know each other and themselves in a fun and productive setting.

Grow through what you go through with JumpAhead

At JumpAhead, we believe that academic and social skills go hand in hand. Using our breadth of knowledge and experience working with adolescents through the Reconnecting Youth (RY) and High on Success (HOS) programs, our facilitators implement evidence-based therapeutic practices to support students’ mental health and academic involvement. These tried and true strategies have helped hundreds of participants improve both socially and academically, boosting their self-esteem, fostering positive habits, and helping them towards graduation. Read more here about the impact of our evidence-based interventions. Check out the links below to learn more about the program (schedule, location, curriculum, cost, etc) and sign up today.

Need employees?
Employers can hire our participants and receive funding for 12 weeks. Sign up here.