Family Support Therapy

Family crises affect everyone’s ability to function well at home, at school, at work and in the community.

At Regesh, we:


… that every family is unique and every crisis is unique.  Our approach is flexible and we “fit” to your family.


… all family members, because if one family member is having a problem the whole family is affected.


… the pain that family members experience.

Our Family Support program is available for families, couples, and individuals. We begin with weekly sessions and this time-frame is adjusted according to the specific and immediate needs of your family.

Family therapy can help your family with

  • Building trust and improving communication between family members
  • Defining and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Learning to plan ahead to avoid or manage potentially difficult situations that may arise
  • Creating a stable, empathic and supportive environment
  • Processing emotions during life transitions such as relocation, divorce, illness, and death.

Need employees?
Employers can hire our participants and receive funding for 12 weeks. Sign up here.