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Regesh Family & Child Services

We are a Toronto-based non-profit and registered charity providing therapeutic counseling for the past 38 years. Our Therapists use a proven approach to help you and your loved ones find clarity & peace.

Become your best self.


Ed is an amazing therapist who really helped our family, he offers great advice. I would recommend Regesh to anyone who needs counselling.

S. M.

Regesh changed my life for the better. From a young age I learned how to cope with my feelings in a healthy way. I now adapt to all challenges life throws my way.

R. K.

The social worker I had an appointment with today was terrific! I am looking forward to my next appointment.


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Our Mission

We are a non-profit and registered charitable organization that has been empowering youth, children, individuals and families through accessible and affordable therapeutic mental health interventions since 1983.

How You Can Help

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Give back to your community – to families and youth who need your help. Donate online or call us and we will process your donation over the phone! You will receive a tax receipt for all donations over $20.

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Our Instagram page @RegeshHelps is our gateway to help the community – focusing on mental health advice and healthy living. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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Whenever possible, ask someone who is already committed to match any amount of dollars raised.

Our Blog

Regesh Helps

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  • Validating Others
    Little Yonah was with his mother in the store and was whining to her, “I’m so tired.  I’m hungry”.  What does the mother say?  Option one – we just got here and I told you to finish eating your lunch before leaving.  Now you will have to wait until we get home”.  Option two – … Read more
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    Most of us really are good parents.  We don’t always know it.  In fact, most of us would do almost anything for our children.  The problem is our world is moving too quickly.  Adults are too busy, which lead our children to wonder about our caring as well as our parenting. Here are some questions … Read more

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