What Makes Regesh Unique?

Regesh is efficient. We operate at low cost, with low overhead. Regesh offers subsidies for its programs, based on family income. Because of donors like you, low income families will be charged lower fees. As a charity, our Board of Directors are volunteers from the community.

Helping youth get back on track is cheaper than long term policing costs and mental health care costs.

Short Wait Times

Crises doesn’t wait. We aim to bring in new clients within two weeks of initial contact.


We service our clients without any core government funding. Our operating costs are all funded by fees and donations. All client fees may be subject to subsidies, based on family income. Through donations from the community, we are able to make our services easily available to all in need.

30+ Years of Experience

Since 1983, we have offered a wide range of counselling aimed at children, youth and families from residential services to programs servicing clients in the community.

Our Mission:

We are a non-profit and registered charity that has been empowering youth, children, individuals and families through accessible and affordable therapeutic mental health interventions since 1983.

What your donation will give:

$65 nutritional snacks for the Employment Readiness Program for one student per week

$180 will provide a one hour Therapy Session for a child, youth, adult or family in need

$300+ nutritional treats for Reconnecting Youth participants and alumni for one month after-school program

$400 registration for one single mother to attend our 8 week Parenting Workshop
$600 registration for one at-risk teen to attend our summer GOTS program

$1100 for 11 weekly individual sessions for Anger Management
$850 registration for each at-risk child to receive the first 10 private Play Therapy sessions  (on average children spend 40 sessions in Play Therapy)
$1000+ all programming supplies for one semester of the school year (22 teens)
$2500+ administrative support for the Reconnecting Youth program for 2 months
$5000+ all programming supplies for one school year

Let’s support our community together!

Need employees?
Employers can hire our participants and receive funding for 12 weeks. Sign up here.