Our Impact

Regesh changed my life for the better. From a young age I learned how to cope with my feelings in a healthy way. I now adapt to all challenges life throws my way.

R. K.

Ed is an amazing therapist who really helped our family, he offers great advice. I would recommend Regesh to anyone who needs counselling

S. M.

Excellent caring and competent staff where you really feel like you matter without any judgement. Ed and Lena are very personable and understanding and provide a casual relaxing environment to learn greater self-awareness and techniques to learn better self-control. Right from the first conversation, you know that this is more than just a job for them and that they really want to help you. They really care. I would strongly recommend Regesh Family services.


Reconnecting Youth helped me be more successful in school. I don’t put myself down anymore.

Malatavan V.

Reconnecting Youth was a good experience and helped me manage my temper.  I learned that there is more to life than being negative and angry.

Raquel E.

The instructor “was the only one who was ever able to break through my brick wall barrier. She helped me express my feelings in a kinder way.”

Rochelle K.

Reconnecting Youth taught me how to control my anger and how to get to school on time after lunch.

Osman Y.

I had been hanging with the wrong group of people. My attendance has greatly improved and my grades as well.

Ahmed G.

Reconnecting Youth helped me make better decisions and think before I act.

Kareem M.

I learned to own up to my mistakes.

Jamar J.

Reconnecting Youth is hands down the best course I took.

Lochan T.

I am now finishing my first year of college and have made the Dean’s Honours List, something I never would have achieved before Regesh’s RY program.

Kristin B.

Reconnecting Youth was one class I always showed up for.

Shehryar B.

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