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Welcome to all our wonderful website followers of Regesh Family and Child Services. As you see, we have a new and beautiful website. I hope you all will have a chance to review the site. Please feel free to make suggestions and comments to me at or by phone at 416-495-8832,
extension 222. Your comments are always welcome. We currently find ourselves in truly unusual and anxiety provoking times. Of course we support the “social distancing” policies and urge you all to fully, and carefully, do the same. This terrible virus shows no preferences and so many of our friends, families, colleagues and clients have shared with me that they either feel the results of the virus or have been tested positive for the virus. Of course, we take everyone’s safety seriously and, like so many others, are carrying on business from home rather than the office. As noted on our voice mail, “we accept the responsibility to be available for our clients, and other community members needing consultation, therapeutic sessions and just a professional to talk with”.
Likewise, so many people have spoken to us about their anxieties regarding COVID-19. It’s as if a side effect of the COVID-19 is anxiety amongst the masses. And, as if anxiety isn’t enough, I’m finding that depression, stress and uncertainties are adding to the mental health issues of so many of those around us. All these feelings are to be expected and, in fact, are normal in times like this. Many of you might
want to consult with us about this, and as always, we are here for you. Furthermore, we have to be extra aware of our children and their mental health. Children are like
sponges in that they absorb everything they see and hear around them. When we display our feeling of fear, they will also display those feelings, but often with more intensity. Children don’t always state their fears but will act them out. Please be aware of unusual behaviours, including eating and sleeping habits. Talk about it: shielding kids from the news can make their anxieties worse. Of course, when
talking to your children, use words that they understand and be careful not to discuss the “gloom” but the simple facts without scaring them. You can tell them that some people are getting this new virus, so it’s extra, extra important to wash hands. Avoiding the subject also sends an implicit message that may be unintentional: that this news is something too scary to even bring up. The most effective means of telling kids to overcome their anxiety is a validating message of, ‘Yes, you’re having these thoughts and feelings, but we can handle them.’ When we don’t tell them about news that is potentially anxiety-provoking, we implicitly communicate that they can’t handle it. In that way, shielding kids may have the reverse affect: the fears may loom larger because your kids realize you’re trying to hide it from them.

Please call us if you need any help with this. As always, we take pride in providing clients with subsidies to ensure everyone has access to our services. We are always available to you with little, to no, waiting periods.
Once again, we welcome you to our new website and encourage you to contact us for any situation you would like to discuss. Stay safe and well in these troubling times.

Ed Schild
Executive Director

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We, at Regesh, have been providing counseling programs for children, youth, individuals and families for the past 38 years. We utilize a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to provide a stable foundation that addresses our current & future client's needs and abilities to become more healthy and balanced.

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