How divorce affects children?

Divorce can have various effects on children, and it’s important to note that the impact can vary depending on factors such as the child’s age, temperament, and the circumstances surrounding the divorce. Here are some common ways in which divorce can affect children: It’s important to note that not all children will experience these effects,Continue reading “How divorce affects children?”

My daughter has stopped speaking to me for awhile.

It is important to approach this situation with empathy and patience. Here are some steps you might consider: Remember that every situation is unique, and it might take time to resolve the issue. It’s important to prioritize the well-being and emotional health of your daughter and yourself. If there are underlying issues or emotions thatContinue reading “My daughter has stopped speaking to me for awhile.”

Do you love me?  You make me so angry!

By:  Edwin Schild, B.A., M.Sc. “Do you love me?”  How many times have we heard this question?  As a young child asking his parent, as a teen asking that special friend, as a wife or husband looking for confirmation and validity or as the senior looking for that special moment of support and validation?  WhicheverContinue reading “Do you love me?  You make me so angry!”

Validating Others

Little Yonah was with his mother in the store and was whining to her, “I’m so tired.  I’m hungry”.  What does the mother say?  Option one – we just got here and I told you to finish eating your lunch before leaving.  Now you will have to wait until we get home”.  Option two –Continue reading “Validating Others”

Why Good Children Sometimes Behave Badly

Most of us really are good parents.  We don’t always know it.  In fact, most of us would do almost anything for our children.  The problem is our world is moving too quickly.  Adults are too busy, which lead our children to wonder about our caring as well as our parenting. Here are some questionsContinue reading “Why Good Children Sometimes Behave Badly”

Are you a caterpillar or a butterfly?

What a miraculous sight.  Have you ever seen pictures or a video of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly; truly a confirmation of the Creator constantly at work.  The caterpillar itself starts from an egg and transforms into the larvae or caterpillar.  This transformation is amazing as it continues developing into the most beautiful butterfly. Continue reading “Are you a caterpillar or a butterfly?”

Daddy, something is wrong with my brain

The 16 year old turned to his father with tears in his eyes and said, “Daddy, there’s something wrong with my brain.”  Nathan had studied for hours with his father the day before the history mid-term exam.  He went into the exam feeling confident that, with his father’s help, he knew the material perfectly.  AfterContinue reading “Daddy, something is wrong with my brain”

How to Build Resilience in Children

Written by: Regesh Executive Director, Edwin Schild, B.S., M.Sc. Childhood is often seen as a time for freedom, getting what you want and having fun in a carefree time.  However, youth alone offers no shield against the emotional hurts and traumas many children face.  The uncertainties that are part of growing up, and childhood itself canContinue reading “How to Build Resilience in Children”

How to Hire the Right Employees for your Business

When hiring, the right employees are hard to come by, yet crucial for your business. At Regesh, we’ve heard time and time again about how employers seek out an Employee; the first call, the first interview, and then the onboarding process begins. Once the employee starts on their first day, everything seems bright. Although, withinContinue reading “How to Hire the Right Employees for your Business”

How to Help Your Child Manage Their Anger, A True Story – Part 4

You can never ever change other people — only yourself. Choose Happiness, choose to control your anger.

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