Why Good Children Sometimes Behave Badly

Most of us really are good parents.  We don’t always know it.  In fact, most of us would do almost anything for our children.  The problem is our world is moving too quickly.  Adults are too busy, which lead our children to wonder about our caring as well as our parenting. Here are some questionsContinue reading “Why Good Children Sometimes Behave Badly”

Deescalating Crises at Home

Mr. and Mrs. S. came into the office with their ten year old daughter, Sharon.  They were very distraught with their daughter and had numerous complaints about Sharon’s behaviours.   Not only was she having problems academically and behaviourally in school, but they complained that every time they asked Sharon to do something at homeContinue reading “Deescalating Crises at Home”

Developing Trust

Michael got caught.  The night before he knew that his friends were having a party and he wanted to go.  However, because of poor school grades, his parents had grounded him from any parties.  Michael decided that he would go anyway.  When his parents went to bed, Michael climbed out of his bedroom window andContinue reading “Developing Trust”

I Don’t Need This Parenting Stuff

I recently had an overwhelmed mother of a teenager come to visit me with numerous complaints about her son.  She told me her son would not follow directions, would not come home on time, was mean to his siblings and would not even try to do well in school.  By the time she finished, itContinue reading “I Don’t Need This Parenting Stuff”

It hurts so much. Please make it stop.

The email read, “I am not a bad person, but I failed to save my sad sick Sally .. I miss her … I miss her so much … I am trying my best.. but it hurt so much.”  The parent goes on to describe the daughter as, “so much joy and too much pain.”Continue reading “It hurts so much. Please make it stop.”

Are you a caterpillar or a butterfly?

What a miraculous sight.  Have you ever seen pictures or a video of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly; truly a confirmation of the Creator constantly at work.  The caterpillar itself starts from an egg and transforms into the larvae or caterpillar.  This transformation is amazing as it continues developing into the most beautiful butterfly. Continue reading “Are you a caterpillar or a butterfly?”

Daddy, something is wrong with my brain

The 16 year old turned to his father with tears in his eyes and said, “Daddy, there’s something wrong with my brain.”  Nathan had studied for hours with his father the day before the history mid-term exam.  He went into the exam feeling confident that, with his father’s help, he knew the material perfectly.  AfterContinue reading “Daddy, something is wrong with my brain”

10 Ways to Build Childhood Resilience

Why is it that one youth involved in a trauma or difficult situation seems to bounce right back with little effect on their daily functioning while the next youth needs professional help and may still take forever to get back to their usual self?  Young people often see their teenage years as a time forContinue reading “10 Ways to Build Childhood Resilience”

Conflict Resolution and Interpersonal Relationships: Are You a Light Switch or a Dimmer Personality? 

Written by: Regesh Executive Director, Edwin Schild, B.S., M.Sc. Avi was in my office after having a terrible day in school. It seems that Avi is constantly getting into altercations with others. Even though he doesn’t understand why, it always seems to be his fault. After listening to Avi’s story of the latest dispute, I askedContinue reading “Conflict Resolution and Interpersonal Relationships: Are You a Light Switch or a Dimmer Personality? “

How to Build Resilience in Children

Written by: Regesh Executive Director, Edwin Schild, B.S., M.Sc. Childhood is often seen as a time for freedom, getting what you want and having fun in a carefree time.  However, youth alone offers no shield against the emotional hurts and traumas many children face.  The uncertainties that are part of growing up, and childhood itself canContinue reading “How to Build Resilience in Children”

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